Houston Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan Gets Robbery Case Reduced to Misdemeanor Assault on Jury Trial setting

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jim Sullivan represented a man charged with Robbery in the 339th District Court in Harris County.  Sullivan's client was accused of stealing a cell phone during an assault.  The accused was on parole and therefore could not post bond.  The accused insisted he did not steal the cell phone and that it was only an assault.  

Jim Sullivan pushed the case (Cause No. 1306891) through the legal system and managed to get a jury trial in 5 months time. Many defendants in the criminal district courts languish for one year or longer in jail awaiting trial. The accused faced 2-20 years in prison and the prosecutors' best plea bargain offer was 4 years in prison.  

On January 9, 2012, when the case was set for a jury trial, Sullivan went to court prepared for trial. The prosecutors finally did the right thing and agreed to time served on a misdemeanor assault.  The accused was very pleased with the outcome.  

Since 1994, Attorney Jim Sullivan has fought for the rights and liberty of over 3000 criminal and juvenile clients.  He gets proven results, fights cases at trial and gets many felony cases dismissed by the grand jury.

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