Montgomery County Texas Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan Fights in Conroe Criminal Courts

Montgomery County Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

James (Jim) Sullivan is an experienced Conroe Criminal Defense Attorney.  Since 1994, Jim Sullivan has successfully fought the government in Jury Trials on behalf of clients in criminal and juvenile courts.  

Jim Sullivan is also Board Certified in Juvenile Law and recognized statewide as a juvenile law expert.  He has a proven record of defending people from all walks of life, faiths and countries in courts throughout Texas.

Defending Your Freedom

Jim Sullivan chose to become a criminal lawyer.  It was not by accident.  Fighting the government and defending people come natural to him—he was born into a diverse, dynamic family of conservative Baptists and liberal social activists.  Unlike many colleagues who practice criminal law, Jim Sullivan has never prosecuted anyone and never will.  That is not him.  His entire career is devoted to defending people accused of crimes and delinquencies.

Proven Results

Jim Sullivan gets results.  Jim Sullivan has defended more than 3,000 people charged with every kind of criminal and juvenile case, including murder, aggravated robbery, drug cases, sex offenses, domestic assault and DWI.


Jim Sullivan practices criminal law with a simple philosophy.  If a client says he is not guilty, and if the prosecutor will not dismiss the charge, then Jim Sullivan advises his client that they should fight the case at a jury trial.  Unlike many other attorneys, Jim Sullivan does not try to convince an innocent person to plead guilty.  Instead, Jim Sullivan fights for his clients’ freedom and reputation.

Affordable Legal Services

Jim Sullivan offers a full range of affordable legal services in his criminal and juvenile defense law practice.  Unlike many other attorneys, Jim Sullivan charges separate fees on trial and non-trial cases.

Cares About His Clients

Jim Sullivan cares about his adult and juvenile clients and is concerned about their future.  He frequently counsels with clients at his office for hours at a time. He listens to their concerns, answers all of their questions and discusses legal strategies. He also explains how a criminal conviction could affect them and how to get on the right path for a successful life. Because Jim Sullivan understands that people need to honor work and family commitments, he offers evening, weekend and same day appointments along with free parking.


Jim Sullivan has a good reputation in the legal community.  Jim Sullivan is humbled by fine lawyers who endorse him on AVVO. He is also very grateful for clients who write testimonials on his behalf.  Most of his business comes from referrals from past clients and other lawyers, although it is not necessary to have a referral for him to defend you.  Anyone can call Jim Sullivan to represent them.

The law practice of Jim Sullivan is devoted solely to criminal and juvenile defense.  Jim Sullivan has tried many cases in the Harris county criminal and juvenile courthouses.  Approximately half of his cases involve criminal charges while the other half involves juvenile charges.

Contact Attorney Jim Sullivan

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime or delinquency, call Houston criminal defense attorney Jim Sullivan to discuss your case.

Jim Sullivan generally tries to answer his own phone so that you can speak to an attorney directly. He wants to hear from you and to help you. Call him right now. Don’t go to court alone. To schedule an appointment or to discuss your case, call 281-546-6428 right now.

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